Australian Future Energy

Australian Future Energy Pty Ltd (“AFE”) is a privately owned Australian company founded in 2014 by its primary shareholders, coal industry veteran Edek Choros and Synthesis Energy Systems Inc (“SES”).

AFE was established to secure an ownership position in local energy resources, such as coal and biomass for the production of synthesis gas for use as pipeline quality gas, in power generation, and for the production of agricultural and industrial commodities using world class and commercially demonstrated gasification technology provided by our partner, Nasdaq listed Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc (“SES”).

AFE is an identifier, incubator and seed funder of multiple base load (gas and power) and clean energy opportunities, and agri-chemical production – with current portfolio opportunities in coal, gas and biomass, able to be utilised for gas supply to the Australian east coast market, large scale industrial plants, base-load power generation (of the order of 150MW to 350MW per individual project), and large-scale production of agricultural and industrial commodities.

As part of the formation of AFE, SES and AFE entered into a Master Technology Agreement in May 2017 whereby AFE will exclusively use the SES technology for all of its gasification projects in Australia, while SES will exclusively use AFE as its channel to the Australian market.

The unique feature of the SES gasification technology is its capacity to use low ranking, low value coal reserves (high ash + lower energy) to deliver competitive energy solutions.

Since formation in 2014, AFE has successfully created Batchfire Resources Pty Ltd in Australia (formed in 2015), which completed the acquisition of the large 1 billion tonne Callide operating coal mine in Queensland in 2016.

In 2017, AFE also acquired ownership of 100% of a mine development lease for a 270-million-tonne coal resource near Pentland, in Central Queensland.

AFE’s business model is based upon leveraging SES’s technology through the ownership of coal resources or secure long term coal offtake agreements to deliver a vertically integrated secure long-term gas based energy solution for its customers, with a focus on industrial customers who seek secure reliable and predictable energy inputs to underpin their long-term business opportunities.